Montessori School


Authorized as an international school by the Regional Department of Education in La Rioja.

Center Code: 26008827


Cuarto Creciente Montessori School is a private school, authorized by the Regional Department of Education in La Rioja with center code 26008827, where our students learn the same academic contents as in traditional schools, and their studies have the same validity, but in our school they learn these contents in a different way, through the Montessori Method. Our school is also international bilingual ENGLISH/SPANISH, with FRENCH subject, always with native teachers. Accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (Boston, USA), an organization that accredits high standards of educational quality in schools and universities across 85 countries around the world. It was founded by Charles W. Elliot, president of Harvard University, in order to create an organization that would evaluate and accredit the quality of educational institutions. Therefore, the studies at our center are not only valid in Spain, but also worldwide, and constitute an added value in the admission processes of international high schools and universities.


As a real Montessori School, the entire Teaching Staff is officially trained as Montessori Guides with Official Master´s degrees. The maximum number of students per class is 20 and they are always accompanied by 2 Guides in each classroom, that is, the students are always attended by qualified Guides, and not Assistants. Accordingly, the teacher/student ratio in our classrooms is 1/10.


And how can we ensure that we are a real Montessori School? Because Cuarto Creciente Montessori School is an associate center of the International Montessori Institute with register code 2012/053 IMI. This is an organization with a clear purpose: Preserve the legacy of Maria Montessori through a rigorous and classical training, based on the doctor´s original sources. In turn, it adapts to current educational needs through continuous research in education, gathering in the same organization the best of Italian and Anglo-Saxon tradition. Therefore, International Montessori Institute issues internationally recognized certifications.


Furthermore, our school conducts a daily assessment and registration of our student´s performance, using a digital platform which is specifically designed for Montessori schools. This platform is called Transparent Classroom, and each family has their own personal password to access exclusively the information related to their own children, at any time.


The basis of this method is always self-discipline. It is important not to confuse respect for children´s pace with the lack of boundaries and debauchery. The freedom that the child has to explore the environment must necessarily come from embracing respect for the rest of the people they spend time with and the proper way to use the materials they work with. In Maria Montessori´s words: “Let children do whatever they want when they have not developed their will, it is betraying the proper sense of freedom”.


Not only do we follow the Montessori Method rigorously, but we are also aware that neuromotricity and psychomotricity are essential for brain development, hence the importance we attach to our psychomotricity room. We are trained as University Expert in this area at UNIR. We are also trained in Creative Education, developed by Arno Stern, by Diraya Expresión Bilbao, official trainers of this technique, and we put this knowledge into practice in the painting room. Our students learn music too, with active learning methods, with which we provide stimuli that generate a change in their former status, causing a learning-inducing experience. The ultimate purpose is enjoying music, and in this process learning is unconscious because of entertaining, thus when the time comes to theorize about it, the students will be able to do it with no difficulty, as it is already integrated in their brains.


Our key principle here in Cuarto Creciente Montessori School is, therefore, RESPECT. Respect for the child, for their pace, their individuality, their processes, their feelings and their needs. This is how our project is born in 2017, a mixed and secular school, which through the Montessori Method, teaches Preschool Education and Elementary Education, from three to twelve years old, according to the curriculum established by the Regional Department of Education in La Rioja.

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