Montessori School


Authorized as an international school by the Regional Department of Education in La Rioja.

Center Code: 26008827


Cuarto Creciente Montessori School is a private school, authorized by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (Boston, USA). It is built upon the principles of responsible parenting. It is also authorized by yhe Regional Deparment of Education in La Rioja, with center code 26008827. Thus, our center is a Montessori school, in which the entire Teaching Staff is officially trained as a Montessori Guides with Official Master´s degrees. The maximum number of students per class is 20 and they are accompanied by 2 Guides in each classroom, that is, the students are always attended by qualified Guides, and not Assistants. Accordingly, the teacher/student ratio in our classrooms is 1/10. Our american authorization makes of us an international school, and for this condition Cuarto Creciente is a bilingual school.


One of the main characteristics of the Montessori method is children are not perceived as an empty being that must be filled with knowledge, but that they acquire knowledge as a consequence of their own reasoning. In our school the child is the active subject of their learning.


Not only do we follow the Montessori Method rigorously, but we are also aware that neuromotricity is essential for brain development, hence the importance we attach to our psychomotricity room. We are trained in Creative Education, developed by Arno Stern, and we put this knowledge into practice in the painting room, etc.


Cuarto Creciente Montessori School is a place where the child is trusted. We trust in their innate goodness, in their desire to discover and understand the world around them, in their ever-present creativity and in their many abilities and intelligences. The professionals of our center know that it is necessary to offer the appropriate environment for children to develop all those attributes, with which we are all born, and to know what are the true needs of the child, what happens during children’s brain development and which steps will be involved.


Our key principle here in Cuarto Creciente Montessori School is, therefore, RESPECT. Respect for the child, for their pace, their individuality, their processes, their feelings and their needs. This is how our project is born, a mixed and secular school, which through the Montessori Method, teaches  Preschool Education, from three to six years old, and Elementary Education, from six to twelve years old, according to the curriculum established by the Regional Department of Education in La Rioja.

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